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06/11/18 | 10:31

Xi Jinping a plus centralisé les pouvoirs que Mao

Le pays se dirige-t-il vers une crise économique et vers un chaos social ? Quiconque désire savoir ce qu’il se trame récemment en Chine devrait lire une terrifiante analyse de Jonathan Tepperman rédigée dans le dernier numéro du US Journal Foreign Policy titrée « Chine : Le Grand Bond en Arrière ». Cette analyse apporte une effrayante nouvelle perspective sur la façon dont le sinistre président Xi Jinping a modifié la façon dont la Chine est dirigée. L’essai divise l’ère post 1949 en trois…

  • Only Tibetans can decide on Dalai Lama’s successor, says Japanese Buddhist body 25 janvier 2023
    By Tenzin Nyidon DHARAMSHALA, Jan. 25: Representatives of the Japanese Buddhist Conference for World Federation issued a strong condemnation to Chinese officials for their interference in the succession process of the next Dalai Lama. The delegation in a letter to the Office of Tibet, Japan stated that only Tibetans will decide the next successor of […]
  • Rock legend David Crosby, friend of Tibet, Dalai Lama passes away at 81 23 janvier 2023
    By Tenzin Nyidon DHARAMSHALA, Jan. 23: Legendary singer-songwriter-guitarist David Crosby’s publicist on Thursday confirmed that he passed away aged 81. His wife, Jan Dance, told Variety that the singer passed away following a long illness.  The rock legend considered himself a supporter of Tibet and a follower of the Dalai Lama. In an interview with […]
  • WHO appeals China to release actual figure for Covid-19 deaths 21 janvier 2023
    By Tenzin Nyidon DHARAMSHALA, Jan. 21: The World Health Organisation has appealed China to release more information after Beijing reported only 60,000 deaths in people who contracted the Covid-19 virus since early December. The numbers, experts say, is highly sceptical and most likely a massive undercount in view of the mass infection and poor immunity […]